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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Basement Remodeling and Floor Plans Ideas

In the event that you are anticipating put your storm cellar to great utilize, then settle on some expert offer assistance. An expert can help you with storm cellar floor arranges and renovating thoughts.

Cellars in current houses are not dull, exhausting and moist zones of the houses any longer. They are significantly more fun than that! In the event that you have a storm cellar, why not utilize all the additional space to make something valuable? The colossal news is that, storm cellars are being revamped today to fit any setting. You have a perpetual number of conceivable outcomes to browse. So whether it is a home exercise center, a study room, a recreational room, a play room or a library: you can pick what to do with it! Here are cellar floor arranges and renovating thoughts you can utilize.

# A Proper Plan

Planning is extremely crucial to the success of your project. As with renovating anything, you need to have a specific plan regarding what you want to do with your basement. You may have a basement which has a lot of electrical wiring, plumbing pipes and mechanical systems and that is why hiring a professional to make the space fit for your project is the first thing to do.

# The ceiling

What kind of ceiling to install is one of the first things you need to do. If the height is less than 8 feet, speak to your builder about installing something like sheetrock. Of course, make sure that there are plenty of access panels for the wiring, plumbing pipes and mechanical systems the space may be equipped with. A suspended ceiling is one of the basement floor plans and remodeling ideas that is perfect if your ceiling height is more than 8 feet. You can find access panels that will suit the kind of style and feel you want in the space.

# The Flooring

The floor is extremely important and special consideration needs to be paid to the fact that basements are quite moisture-prone. Make sure that the builder puts in a sub-floor before installing the flooring you want so that dampness does not seep through. Install flooring that makes whatever you want to use the space for easier to do.

# Storing Your Stuff

No matter what basement floor plans and remodeling ideas you are looking for, enough space for storage is a necessity for most households. You just can’t have enough! That is why making this space a good storage area for your stuff is such a great idea. Make sure that the builder you have hired makes adequate use of the area’s storage capacity.

# The Lighting

Your basement is probably an area that does not get any natural sunlight and is dank and dull. But don’t worry! With the proper lighting, the space will look great. A lot of attention thus needs to be paid to install the right kind of lighting. Recessed lighting is a great idea for the simple reason that it does not take up too much space and yet provides comfortable lighting.

With these basement floor plans and remodeling ideas, you can completely change your basement from a place no one entered to something fantastic!


Flexible Floor Tiles for Garage Benefits

flexible-floor-tiles-for-garage-benefitsCarport flooring used to be an idea in retrospect. Today, carport flooring choices are more noteworthy than any time in recent memory, due to some degree to the undeniably multi-reason nature of the cutting edge carport. Carports of today are a great deal more than a place to stop your auto. They likewise serve as workshops, storage spaces and even man-holes. Therefore, property holders are putting more thought into the sort of deck they pick. One cutting edge decision that has developed exponentially in ubiquity is the adaptable floor tile.

Adaptable floor tiles resemble their name infers. Like traditional tiles, they are square however by and large bigger than indoor floor tiles. They are made of solid and adaptable scored PVC. They give a lot of development without breaking. They give various advantages over traditional carport flooring, as:

# Ease of installation

Flexible floor tiles are laid over your existing garage foundation, like a floating floor. Individual tiles interlock with one another. To install, simply match notches and tabs and lock them together. Because the tiles are flexible, the installation process is nearly effortless.

# No wait time

Traditional garage flooring, such as epoxy coatings, take hours and even days to fully cure. In the mean time, you are unable to park your car or move items back inside your garage. With flexible floor tiles, there is absolutely no wait time. With no need to cure, you can move all of your stuff back into the garage and even park your car as soon as installation is complete.

# Strength and durability

Flexible floor tiles are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the same material used in irrigation, sewer and water pipes. Several factors make it a strong and durable material for both pipes and for flooring, including resistance to oxidation as well as to chemical and fire damage. Their resistance to chemical corrosion is of particular importance in a place like the garage where floors are often subjected to chemical exposure.

# Wide range of color and design options

Flexible floor tiles come in many different colors and designs, including both solid colors and tiles with multiple colors/patterns. A home owner can choose colors to match virtually any desired color scheme, including one’s favorite sports team’s official colors. You can even mix and match tiles of different colors and designs to create a truly customized and unique look.

# Ease of removal

If for some reason you decide to remove your tiles, they can be uninstalled as quickly and easily as they were installed. In fact, many home owners love their flexible garage floor tiles so much that they take them with them when they move. Because of their interlocking nature, they can be removed without inflicting damage, so they can be reused easily.

# Highly cost-effective

PVC is a relatively inexpensive material, so even larger-than-average garage floors can be covered without spending a fortune. Because they can potentially last for decades and don’t require the same kind of intensive ongoing maintenance as traditional epoxy flooring, they are one of most cost-effective kinds of garage flooring you can buy.

Uses of Acrylicon Floor Coatings in Industries

On the off chance that you are searching for moderate and strong modern ground surface framework, consider introducing AcryliCon floor coatings. There are a few advantages of picking AcryliCon floor coatings above PU or Poxy coatings. AcryliCon floor coatings and painting are strong, tolerant to ignition and chemicals, substantial obligation and are non-unsafe. Subsequently, they can be introduced in substance and building enterprises and additionally in sustenance get ready ventures. In addition, these mechanical coatings are likewise accessible in many hues to suit your industry’s stylistic layout. The top coat, body and preliminary of AcryliCon are fundamentally medium thick and straightforward liquid gums. After application, these three layers of covering give a glossy silk complete to the floors. This modern ground surface framework benefits numerous businesses. Given beneath are the employments of AcryliCon ground surface framework in different ventures

# In food production industries

The zones of sustenance generation require a sterile situation. Acrylic floor covering comprise of tar based fillers that doesn’t permit air gaps or pinholes from where microbes can get in. As the creation region has a tendency to get wet, hostile to slip part is included for the wellbeing of individuals.

# In pharmaceutical industries

A large portion of the pharmaceutical businesses require floor materials or floor coatings that have a high resilience to chemicals, acids and soluble bases. AcryliCon floor materials can endure scrapes and scraped areas because of overwhelming activity developments, chemicals, soluble bases and acids. It remains as it is for a considerable length of time, with no harm.

# In hotels and restaurants

Unlike normal resin floors, in AcryliCon floor coatings and painting system resin and substrate form a chemical bond that ensures the resin coating will not peel off from the substrate. This also helps in giving the floor a smooth finish that looks great. Moreover, non-toxic coating ensures that it is safe for the guests too. The Granito Flake systems of AcryliCon give the floor a naturally glossy granite finish.

In fire stations

AcryliCon floor coating systems are ideal for installing in the fire stations. These floor coatings are safe to use, hygienic, easy to maintain & clean, durable and slip resistant. Many fire stations prefer installing AcryliCon floor systems as they have low combustion risk compared to other PU or other resin floors.

# In the retail industries

Acylicon Granito flake systems are ideal for the retail industries as they provide a glossy and elegant finish and can handle heavy foot traffic. Blended Granite flakes are placed in the body coat to provide a natural Granite color to the floor. Rollers are applied on it, providing the floor a satin smooth finish.

# In raw meat processing industries and butcheries

Meat processing industries and butcheries needs slip resistant floors as they mostly deal with fluid based products. AcryliCon decor system provides a slip resistant floor for the safety of staffs working there.